Bespoke Houses

Our homes are designed around the people who are going to live in them.

Through a process of collaboration, talking and listening to you about your needs and aspirations, how you live, the way you want to live, we develop proposals to best meet your requirements.

C3 Architects develop initial sketch designs and discuss with the Client their options. The Client considers these proposals and we listen to what they say.

This process of design development continues until our client is satisfied with the preferred design. “You decide what you want and need supported by our professional help and guidance to make a better informed decision.”


C3 architects further develop and formally lodge the planning application.
We manage and handle any negotiations throughout the application process and keep you informed of the progress.

Once approved, we progress to Building Regulation construction drawings. At this stage we coordinate all the construction information required including the necessary input from the various other professional consultants required to obtain Building Regulation approval.


After successfully obtaining Building Regulation Approval, C3 Architects progress drawings and schedules to your specification for the tendering stage. We manage the tender stage including any queries raised by contractors and we receive the tender returns.

On receipt of the tender returns, C3 Architects assess the tenders and following discussions, the Client decides which contractor to use and we notify the preferred contractor.

C3 Architects prepare construction contract documents; we agree with the contractor and Client the scope of work, timescale, quality of workmanship and agree the project cost.

C3 Architects ensure that appropriate finishes are selected at the right time – we make sure the Client gets the appropriate time to select the finishes they want, avoiding the need for panic choices but ensuring the works remain on schedule.


In our on-site service, C3 Architects regularly inspect the building works and liaise with the Contractor to handle any onsite queries, giving the Client reassurance that the building work is being carried out correctly.

Our involvement throughout all stages of the project will ensure the client receives a high quality end result that is delivered on time and on the agreed budget. At C3 Architects, we strongly believe the best designs are a result of teamwork and a good relationship between Architect, Client and Contractor.

Alternatively we can provide a tailored service that obtains only the necessary Planning and Building Regulation Statutory Approvals.

We realise that this is your home, your money and it is paramount that with our professional help and guidance, you turn your dreams into reality.

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